Recollections – The GAB Process

A noteable feature of the GAB method is that participants generally meet in a small group to develop their story. While the greatest impact does happen in the small group setting the process can be adapted for individuals.

Recalling, writing and sharing memories always spark other memories and before you know it your story starts to take shape.You will likely also start to imagine what future chapters might look like.

Guided Autobiography groups have a max.of 8 participants – larger numbers can be split into smaller groups. Groups can be delivered in numerous fun and interesting ways…

Two options include:

Option A

Attend a half-day or 2 half days. Or a weekend retreat.

Life Story 1 (4 hours) with potential flow-on to Life Story 2 (4 hours) or Life Story 1 and Life Story 2 spread over a weekend.

The focus will be on telling the story behind a selection of your photos. 

If you don’t have photos you may have poems, drawings or a favourite family recipe.  There will also be relevant cues, props and activities provided on the day that will jog your memories.

You may recall the story behind a cherished object or heirloom, your favourite song, or your first memories of different experiences. 

Gathering these memories creates a living history and tells a story of who you were then and who you are now. 

Create your story one or two paragraphs at a time.

This option can work well for one-on-one sessions as well.




Option B

Attend for 2 hours one day a week over 4 or 8 weeks.

Life Story 1 (4 weeks) with potential flow-on to Life Story 2 (4 weeks)

The focus is more on writing, although photos can also play a role in developing your story.

In this option a series of Life Themes, along with Prompting Questions are used to stimulate recollections.

Themes can include, but are not limited to:

  • Forks in the road
  • My family, my self
  • Spirituality
  • My life’s work
  • Challenges and triumphs

Create your story one or two pages at a time.

The process is a self-affirming experience… Contact Us