FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What if I don’t write well?
This is not a writing class and there will be no critique of your writing or what you write. If you can write freely you can always edit later.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot physically write a friend or family member may be able to help. Or the use of voice recording can be utilized.

Do I have to produce a book?
No. What you have written can become a booklet or the beginnings of a book or contribute to a legacy letter. Equally it can be for your eyes alone.
How can I be assured that no one will go and tell other people about my life?
Group members discuss and agree on group goals. One of the most important being confidentiality.

Once a group starts no new members will be permitted.

You can go into your story as deep as you feel comfortable and don’t have to read all that you have written.

How is a creating a life story in a Guided Autobiography Group different from regular Autobiography, Memoir, Reminiscence or Genealogy?

Autobiography is generally a linear approach to describing a life from birth to old age.

Memoir takes a central topic or aspect of a life and weaves that into a story.

Reminiscence is an activity to stimulate memories using visual images, music, songs etc.

Genealogy involves research and recording your family history.

Though at the end the day they are all about personal history and memories.

What if someone is distressed by what comes up for them?
This may occasionally happen and be quite normal. The person may benefit from doing Life Review work with Anne after the GAB group.  If necessary, the person can be referred to a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or other Counsellor.
When it is said that GAB is not therapy but is therapeutic, what does that mean?
It is helpful to understand how your life has flowed in certain directions but that is not the same as analysing your life. Guided Autobiography is about gathering a personal history.
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